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Central Coast Newcastle Party Hire

We have your Party covered with

Fairy Floss Machine Hire, & Popcorn Machine Hire,



 Popcorn Machine Hire


 Popcorn Machine with Cart Hire


Delivery & pick up is extra

We have all you need to make cinema quality Popcorn for your next party or event

The 3 key ingredients to making theater style popcorn are: gourmet popcorn, buttery salt seasoning and this butter flavored coconut oil. This is the same oil that theaters use in their commercial popcorn poppers.


Popping Corn Premium

Premium  popcorn produces the large, crunchy popcorn just like you'd get at the movies. We've taken this corn and packaged it in a size that you can enjoy in your own home.

 Buttery Popcorn Salt

Butter flavoured popcorn salt, fine salt - the most popular flavour for popcorn in Australia. Please note never use ordinary salt as this will grind out your kettle. Always use the salt the professionals use.

 Popcorn oil

 Coloured coconut oil in the handy sizes to suit your needs. It adds flavour & smells just like your at the movies

Coconut Oil is a solid at any temperature below 24 degrees Celsius

Portion controlled packs of oil sachets for sale. Make popping easy just simply tear and add the oil sachet to any 6oz or 8oz popcorn machine. Premium popping oi[, this is the type of special oil you need to make butter popcorn

Popcorn Supplies

100g Buttery Popcorn Salt $4.98

1Kg Premium Popping Corn $6.95

1.5Kg Premium Popping Corn $9.45

50 x Small Popcorn Bags $8.98

50 x Med Popcorn Bags $ 9.98

50 x Lge Popcorn Bags $ 12.98

500ml  Popcorn Oil $17.98

2ltr  Popcorn Oil $38.98

Popcorn Kits

We now have specailly made Popcorn kits to suit your needs


Kits include all the ingredients you need to make cinema quality popcorn

Small  Popcorn Bags, Premium Popcorn, Buttery Salt & Premium Popcorn Oil

50 Bag Kit: $25.00 

 50 x Small Popcorn Bags, 

5 x Premium Popping Corn Satchel

5 x Popping Corn Oil Satchels

Buttery Popcorn Salt

100 Bag Kit $45.00

100 x Small Popcorn Bags,

10 x Premium Popping Corn Satchels

10 x Popping Corn Oil Satchels

Buttery Popcorn Salt

150 Bag Kit $67.00

150 x Small Popcorn Bags,

15 x Premium Popping Corn Satchels

15 x Popping Corn Oil Satchels

Buttery Popcorn Salt